Arrival of Easy 3D Flex - New Powertex Possibilities

There was much excitement throughout the Powertex distribution network at news of a new product called Easy 3D Flex coming to the UK. Liz Dixon from Comfy Frog was one of the first to try the product & it opens up lots of new possibilities in both sculpture & artwork effects. Mix Easy 3D Flex with Powertex fabric hardener to form an air drying clay which cracks as it dries - fantastic for adding texture & marbling effects to you art. Available now from our online store.

  • alima ballerina 6
  • Alkippe Mighty Mare Horse Powertex Garden Sculpture 4
  • Pecking Chicken Sculpture 2
  • asha african lady4
  • esther white lady
  • Druantia Garden Sculpture 9
  • Dixie Fairy Garden Sculpture 11
  • IMG 4202
  • Augustus Roman Powertex Garden Sculpture 3
  • valentina champgane lady 1 500x500
  • IMG 4162
  • Rose Red Fairy Powertex Garden Sculpture 5
  • brown trinket dish
  • fleur lady with book 3
  • sarah lady with shawl 4

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